Wikileaks and context

Most likely you’ve also read something about the recent leaked personal opinions of US politicians and diplomats. I’m not really interested in who exactly did leak this information or by what intention. I’m curious however whether this leakage will really harm current and future diplomatic relations or not.

Why can’t this have a constructive effect? In everyday business we have a tool called ‘intervention’, designed to ‘leak’ and overcome bottlenecks of personal interaction.

Leaked diplomatic memos from the U.S. ambassador in Paris cast French President Nicolas Sarkozy as “hyperactive” and impulsive, an authoritarian leader surrounded by aides who don’t dare challenge him. (source)

An intriguing alliance: American diplomats in Rome reported in 2009 on what their Italian contacts described as an extraordinarily close relationship between Vadimir V. Putin, the Russian prime minister, and Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister and business magnate, including “lavish gifts,” lucrative energy contracts and a “shadowy” Russian-speaking Italian go-between. They wrote that Mr. Berlusconi “appears increasingly to be the mouthpiece of Putin” in Europe. The diplomats also noted that while Mr. Putin enjoyed supremacy over all other public figures in Russia, he was undermined by an unmanageable bureaucracy that often ignored his edicts. (source)

Angela Merkel’s role as Germany’s and Europe’s leader is undisputed. No other leader of a large member state is politically fit enough to offer himself up as a leader, … . However, she is conscious that her strength derives largely from the weakness of her counterparts and other factors beyond her control. (source)

Yes I know, normal ‘professional’ interventions usually take place behind closed doors. And such results are not to be leaked online. Could you imagine Poetin, Berlusconi, Merkel and Obama in a get together group intervention? I.e. using the endresult of this idea I issued earlier.
Suppose they do meet up for an intervention, would you be interested in the outcomes or not? Would your knowledge of the outcomes effect their decision making?

[?] Are there other conditions besides ‘lack of context’ that make visualized reciprocity harmful?

[?] Are there other conditions besides ‘contextual awareness’ that make visualized reciprocity useful?


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