Help me test a debriefing app

There is no question that debriefing is one of the most important learning phases. It is also clear that it is mostly an unwanted monster.

A couple of years ago in an attempt to better facilitate collaboration between organizational alliances, I started to explore visual dialogue support systems.

Now, I have developed one myself to learn about improving a team dialogue. I am especially interested in the flipside of expressing behavioral blindspots, mismatched assumptions and (un)veiling intentions. This blog provides some contextual information.


So far early versions of this approach lead to debriefing of several small teams.
And I am now ready to open the demo-app for a few more beta testers who are interested in helping me figure out ways to improve team results through instant debriefing.

I wish to offer a more complete evaluation version of the app – beyond the basic demo version. In return, your feedback will help me setting up cases and collecting data.
Here is a link to my current approach and the demo app:

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If you are struggling with debriefing sessions, please contact me at
hello [ at ] instantdebriefing [ dot ] com