Behavioral Timemachine

Interesting quote here, by Daniel Goldstein in his TED-talk (nov 2011), about the visual feedback of his behavioral time machine:

It’s not telling you which way to put the slider, it’s just reminding you that you are connected to and legally tied to this future self.

He uses a visual reminder to balance out an internal conflict of loyalty. In this case a conflict between a present and a future self.


Why not take this principle of a visual reminder into a context of inter-organisatonal cooperation? Imagine:

  1. using a trackrecord of emotions in an complex decision making arena, or
  2. a way to more easily discuss different scenarios, or
  3. a way to more easily discuss possible strategies of an alliance adapting to a dynamic context, or
  4. the repetative use of a recognizable visual grid for explaining – or better for reminding – and sharing the conflicts of loyalties at stake.

It is all about visualizing trade offs, as a reminder to some elements in ‘the equation of decision making’ that are easily forgotten, whether these elements accidentally repressed or not.